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Supercharge Performance, Lure More Leads. Faster. 

Consumer-Oriented Google Ad Campaigns

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Empower your business

Grow your online footprint with Google Ads by shining a spotlight on your business whenever a potential customer searches for a product or service you promote. Let our team of highly experienced specialists maximize the returns on your Google Ads spend by ensuring your business not only appears front and centre for your target audience but also increasing website traffic and converting high-quality leads.

Achieve greater brand awareness

Generate new leads & sales

Supplement long term SEO efforts

Outrank your competition

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When Every Dollar Counts, Google Ads are a Proven Winner.

With tailored strategies and customized Ad spend, we'll ensure to create the best campaigns for your business. 


Real-time data to target a better return on investment.


In-depth reporting delivered straight to you.


Smart optimization and configurations. 


Immediate conversations upon launch.


Setup and management handled for you.

Engage Customers with Google's SEM Opportunities

Google Ads offers a spread of opportunities in a way to capture and convert a multitude of online users to drive revenue. Your business can greatly benefit and capitalize by targeting certain markets and delivering content at optimal times. With some of the industry’s most experienced Google Ads specialists, the Vital Growth team could become an integral part of your search campaigns.


Our advanced and extensive knowledge of the market and access to consumer insights enables us to build integrated campaigns that are driven by your consumers and keywords. Through our execution of personal, adaptive ads, we have the tools to maximize your campaign and accelerate your business growth—placing your business at the forefront of your industry and adding unparalleled value for your consumers.

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Proven Strategies for Online Success 

Our team of search engine marketing experts utilizes automation and other innovative technologies to build you a Google Ads campaign that is aligned with your goals. With our solutions and strategies, we are able to plan, measure, and optimize your business's ads across all relevant channels.


We’ll integrate your Ad campaigns with Google’s display networks to increase your cross-platform visibility and target your audience wherever they’re browsing. In-depth data and analytics allow us to target your most valuable leads and direct them to your business.

The Results that Really

The search engine marketing experts at Vital Growth can plan an Ad strategy that connects with your audience segments at the exact moment they begin searching for products or services your business promotes. We’ll work with you to understand your goals and primary objectives to create campaigns that are built to increase website traffic, encourage phone calls, boost traffic, and build brand awareness.


Regardless of what type of Ad campaigns have the biggest impact on your business growth, we’ll ensure to stay within your budgets. All of this, integrated with our other digital marketing strategies such as content and social media marketing, contributes to an integrated campaign that delivered fast results and long-term growth.

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Multi-Channel Google Ad Campaigns

We don't limit or lock you into one particular Google Ads strategy. Here are some ways you can reach both existing and new audiences:

Search Network

Rank above organic Google Searches


Bring life into your brand with video Ads


Reach a mobile-friendly audience

Display Networks

Connect with more potential cistomers


Get your products and services in front of buyers


Guide users back to your site